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Transports in Rome


Tubes, buses and tramways

Rome is trying to rapidly reduce the delay, compared to other European capitals, in developing a comprehensive network of metropolitan railways. This delay is in part due to the difficulty of digging freely in a territory rich in inexhaustible archaeological testimonies dating back in time to well over 2000 years and fascinating tourists from all over the world. The C Line (that will run through the Old Town, already reached by the two existing lines) is currently under construction, and others are in the design phase.

Anyway, at this moment you can enjoy the underground A and B lines and Metropolitan Railways, and a wide and extensive surface network of public transportation, consisting of buses, trolley buses and trams.

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Since the 1st of October 2007 is in force an agreement under which the cost of travel from Fiumicino airport Leonardo da Vinci up to within the Aurelian Walls (delimiting more or less the centre area) is flat and amounted to 40,00 EUR, while from Ciampino you will pay 30,00 EUR. The cars are all white and must be fitted with a special marking which guarantees the implementation of fixed charge, in addition to identifying initials on the door, taximeter, license number and driver's name.

In Rome different taxi companies operate, the main list of them is:

  • RADIO TAXI 3570 - phone 063570
  • SAMARCANDA - phone 065551
  • PRONTO TAXI - phone 066645
  • Ass.Taxi Compagnia Zanardelli - phone 066374136

N.C.C. (Noleggio Con Conducente)

Another solution, which is more exclusive and sometimes more expensive, is to rent a car with driver. They are usually confortable large engine capacity vehicles, exposing a special flag license plate and license number.

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Tourism and leisure Itineraries

The best way to visit Rome, especially the Old Town, is to wander calmly walking or to allow oneself the luxury of another era aboard a horse pulled "Botticella", but if you want to have an overview and enjoy a tour throughout the most important attractions of the city (from a cultural, archaeological and religious point of view), we recommend the excellent service offered by TrambusOpen.

Until it becomes perhaps even an alternative to the traffic jam of Lungotevere, you can navigate the Tiber from the Isola Tiberina to the Olympic Stadium and vice versa, as well as make romantic cruises with dinner on board and reach Ostia Antica by river and visit it, with boats operated by


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